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Who Can Benefit

Pregnant Women & Infants
Any torsion within the mother’s pelvis can put undue stress on the fetus leading to the possibility of malpositioning difficult birthing process.  Give the fetus the best chance by making sure the mothers spine and pelvis are maintained in the proper position.  Discomfort during pregnancy is best handled naturally with chiropractic care without harmful medication.

Starting from the birth process itself, which is often traumatic, learning to walk involves lots of falls onto the base of the spine, which can misalign vertebra.  Playing, contact sports, or even falls while running, can put stress on the spine and nervous system..  Children should get checked regularly so that any emerging problems related to the function of the nervous system can be timely identified and treated.  Learning to walk requires lots of falls onto the base of the spine, which can misalign vertebra.

Are required to sit for long periods of time, either in class, studying or carrying heavy backpacks. Sitting puts more stress on the spine than standing or lying down.

Chiropractic is a very cost effective way to maintain family health, and limit the need for medications or other costly doctor visits.

Blue Collar Workers & Construction Workers
Generally do lots of physically demanding work, in a repetitive fashion, which can lead to stress developing on the spine, ultimately causing back & neck problems. For more comfort & productivity, natural chiropractic care is an essential action plan.

Office Workers
Are prone to headaches, neck aches, stress issues and wrist problems. Natural chiropractic care eases these issues and increases productivity.

Job activities can lead to repetitive strain disorders, often experienced by dentists, hair dressers, surgeons, artists, musicians, etc.

Are highly trained machines, and undergo many injuries during their career. One of the # 1 goals is to avoid and recover quickly from injury.  Chiropractic is instrumental in achieving both of these goals. Imagine, if you maintained your spine, how much more you could achieve. 

As we age our flexibility reduces. Chiropractic adjustments can help promote mobility, increase energy and activity, and also help prevent drug dependence.

Can benefit from chiropractic care increasing normal nerve function to the body, to guarantee health and comfort.

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